Entering Swell

Q. When can I submit my entry to Swell Sculpture Festival?

A. The call for entries typically opens in early January and closes mid April.  We suggest you subscribe to our newsletter from here to keep up to date with the latest information.

Q. My sculpture is not finished - can I submit this work?

A. Your entry can be finished work, a work in progress or a conceptual plan. You will need to include images or proposed work sketches, an artist statement and a proposed installation statement including a list of materials, vehicles or heavy equipment required with your entry.

Q. Do you have a Sculpture Installation Method Template?

A. Yes, please click on the links below for both installation and de-installation templates.
Sculpture Installation Method Statement
Sculpture De-installation Method Statement

Q. Can I apply for the Smalls Gallery even if I don’t apply for the main exhibition?

A. No.  The gallery can only accept sculptures from artists exhibiting in the main exhibition; this allows artists to put similar works or a Marquette for sale during the exhibition. The Way of Design Gallery will manage all sales and commissions of the Smalls Gallery.

Q. If I am accepted into Swell, how do I enter my smaller sculpture into the Smalls Gallery?

A. As part of your acceptance to the exhibition, you will receive an exhibitor kit with an entry form for the Smalls Gallery exhibition.

Q.Who do I make my cheque payable to for the entry fee of $45?

A. Swell Sculpture Festival LTD

Q. Do you have a curatorial policy?

A. Yes, Swell Sculpture Festival allows the artists full freedom of expression for all forms of sculpture. Sculptors must take into consideration the challenges of building for and installing the sculpture in a natural landscape and consider the safety and regulations of the beach and parklands. We encourage large art forms simply because the beach is a vast open space and lends itself to sculptures that are durable and built for permanent installation.

Q. Can I enter more than one sculpture for consideration by the curatorial panel?

A. Yes. An entry form must be completed with each work proposed and the entry fee paid on each entry. The curatorial panel will consider all entries however, if selected, only one entry can be accepted with multiple entries and the decision of the curatorial panel is final. 

Q. When do I find out if I was selected for the exhibition?

A. Artists will be notified in mid to late April as to whether their entry has been successful.

Q. Can I direct deposit the entry fee of $45?

A. Yes -
Bendigo Bank
BSB: 633 108  
Account: 122248644  
Account Name: Swell Sculpture Festival Reference: Your Full Name


Q. Is it possible to request a particular site?

A. It is possible to request a site or setting but the final decision lies with the site curator. Site specific works will be discussed upon acceptance. Please liase with the site curator before going ahead with production of a site specific work.

Q. Can I meet on site with the site curator?

A. We encourage artists to meet on site prior to the exhibition for site allocation and installation matters. Artists who are not able to attend on site meetings can communicate with the site curator via telephone or email. 

Q. Can my sculpture be placed in the dune area?

A. With respect to the fragility and ongoing protection of the dune areas it is most unlikely your sculpture will be placed in the dunes.

Q. Can my sculpture be placed on the beach?

A. There are areas of the beach where sculptures can and cannot be placed.  The site curator in consultation with lifeguard and park authorities determines these locations.

Q. What if my sculpture is not finished before the image is required for the exhibition program?

A. The cut off for all images will be outlined in your exhibitor kit, if you do not have a high resolution image of your completed work by this time then an image of part of the sculpture or Marquette is an alternative.  Remember, the program dedicates one full colour page to each artist and is distributed to the public, buyers and patrons, in your best interest every effort should be made to have an high resolution image supplied by the due date. 


Q. Does the Event have Public Liability Insurance?

A. Yes, Swell Sculpture Festival has public liability insurance.

Q. Do I need to have insurance to exhibit at Swell Sculpture Festival?

A. It is not a requirement to have insurance when exhibiting however we strongly suggest that you do as Swell Sculpture Festival does not directly or indirectly insure any artists or artworks exhibited at the Festival.


Contact Flying Arts Alliance for more information and quote SWELL.


National Association for the Visual Arts offers a Professional Membership Insurance Package and general information about the types of insurance available.  More Info

Swell Sculpture Festival does not endorse any of the companies listed from the links directly above and independent advice should be sought to determine your needs.


Q. Will there be help available on the day to install my work?

A. It is best to be as self sufficient as possible.  However, in the weeks leading up to installation you will be allocated a site manager who will assist coordinate you for a smooth transition of your sculpture to the site. A team of volunteers back us on installation day but we strongly suggest that you enlist family and friends to help you with installation.

Q. Will there be cranes available to assist with installation?

A. Yes. A crane will be available on the first installation day only. The site curator will organise the use of the craney (please be patient as some sculptures require more time than others). We do not have a forklift (or access to one) so please consider and plan how your sculpture can be placed on site prior to transporting.

Q. Can I buy beers for the helpers and volunteers after the install day is done?

A. Yes!

Q. Can I pour concrete to install my piece?

A. Yes. Be mindful that the concrete must be de-installed with your work. We suggest buckets filled with concrete to anchor your work as they can be easily removed.

Q. Can I arrange and pay for my own crane or machinery for installation?

A. Yes, please advise the site curator of this.  He will advise you of such issues as traffic control, access points and pathway limitations.  


A. Allocation of your site is final. However, there is always room for consideration of a variation of placement once the site curator sees the work on site.


Q. I need to be in Melbourne the day the exhibition closes, can I de-install early?

A. Sculptures must remain on-site until the close of the exhibition which is from 7am on Monday morning only.  You can make alternative arrangements to have a friend remove your sculpture. Your helper will need to be advised that your site needs to be left clean, tidy and in its original condition by 1pm.

For any further queries please, email artist@swellsculpture.com.au or phone +61 7 5525 0503