The students of the Year 8 & 9 Media Excellence Program at Palm Beach Currumbin High have become an integral part of the SWELL.

Celebrating their fourth year of involvement, the students of the Year 8 & 9 Media Excellence Program continue to entertain and add a notable creative element to the SWELL program with the Claymation project.

Working within their curriculum, students create vivid stories inspired by the artist’s sculptures. The students are encouraged to retell these stories through alternative mediums, particularly animation.

Using the artist's work as inspiration, the students work in teams and short films evolve through a creative process that involves idea generation, storyboarding, manipulation of elements to realise original and thoughtful films.  

Make sure you experience the endless bounds of their imagination showing in the SWELL Smalls Gallery during the exhibition as well as a special outdoor viewing at The Green on Saturday 10 September. 


Saturday 10 Sep from 7pm
The Green
SWELL Smalls Gallery, next to the Deck Cafe
Daily 9am – 4pm 


4040 Creative