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Mimi Dennett develops immersive site-specific installations, collaborative performances and smaller scale sculptures. Her interdisciplinary approach is often process driven and hybrid in form. The works can incorporate sculptural installation, projection, video, light works, architectural space, performance, community workshops and costumes. Creating in both solo and in collaborative formats with composers, sound artists, musicians, choreographers, contemporary dance practitioners, and other visual artists, this diverse practice investigates notions of collaborative transformation through community dialogue, workshop development and performance. The participants are invited to engage directly with the visceral process of making. She has also collaborated with members of the CWA and worked with Newaste, focusing on single use plastic recycling and workshops for the community. Dennett’s solo work has been exhibited nationally and internationally in exhibitions such as Bondi SXS, and Heide Gallery (MOMA).

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2020 SWELL ARTWORK – Measuring the Sky, Mimi Dennett

This sculpture is based on an 18th century tool with 53 shades of blue.* An outdoor sculpture often relies on the blueness of the sky as its backdrop, as its negative space. With this sculpture, I am drawing the viewer’s attention to the sky and its changing colours throughout the day and our changing climate. On one side are shades of sky blue, on the other are shades of bushfire red, orange, brown and yellow. The skies over Australia have changed, this sculpture asks people to remember the bushfires.

SWELL Kids Artist Statement – Measuring the Sky, Mimi Dennett

This sculpture has two sides. On one side there are 53 colours of a blue sky on a clear day and 53 shades of orange on the other side to show the colour of bushfire skies. I was inspired by an 18th century tool for measuring humidity and the recent bushfires.

Come and see for yourself at SWELL Sculpture Festival, Pacific Parade, Currumbin 11-20 September.