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Robert Barnstone is a practicing artist and academic with a fine arts degree in Sculpture and Architecture from Bennington college, and a Master of Architecture, Harvard University. With over 20 scholarly publications and book chapters. Notable Art installations include: Prone at the Socrates Sculpture Park in NYC, The Narrative Forest, Once Removed, SXS, Bondi, 2013, Line vessels, SxS Bondi 2014, Cleft WSU, Body shells, SxS Bondi 2016 ,Gene Rosa SxS 2018. Prize and collections: Wolliombi, Whittier College Collection, Narrative interventions, Cite University Paris, Western Sydney University, Mona Farms.

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2020 SWELL ARTWORK – Gene Rosa, Robert Barnstone

Gene Rosa recalls the body, vessels of containment and shell forms. These shapes are articulated with anthropomorphism , determined by forms of the physique. They have skin, hollow, empty containers, voids that prompt inquisitiveness toward identity and of the containment of space itself. Its sculptural prowess is in the emptiness of its form, the appearance of the void itself as a sculptural means. The void offers access to the space of the imagination the mythical becomes a temptation to measure our existence. By definition, the void is always an unknown space.

Come and see for yourself at SWELL Sculpture Festival, Pacific Parade, Currumbin 11-20 September.