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Atelier Sisu is a Sydney based design studio lead by award winning artists Renzo B. Larriviere and Zara Pasfield. The pair work with a multi-disciplinary team to create experiential environments, installations and sculptures. Their direction of work sits between the fields of art and architecture (art-chitecture), with particular focus in the realm of public art. Each public artwork aims to provide a unique spatial experience for its visitors, while also contributing to the visual identity of a place and promoting community interaction.



adjective. The quality of being fleeting or vanishing quickly; impermanence.

Evanescent is an immersive, light and sound temporary architecture.
Evanescence is an artwork driven by the forces and natural occurrences within the changing world around us. The use of dichroic film creates the illusion of the bubble-like form. The original meaning of dichroic, from the Greek dikhroos, two-coloured, refers to an optical device which can split a beam of light into two beams with differing wavelengths. These properties give the dichroic film it unique aesthetic effects, mimicking those of the bubble.
Erecting the work as an inflatable form has allowed us to engineer a structure that is large enough to create a fully immersive and visually awe-inspiring experience for its audience, while still allowing the artwork to be condensed into a small enough form to transport from location to location, to be truly Evanescent.

A bubble exists for only a split second, creating a captivating visage for those who surround it. As the audience approaches the pavilion-esque structure, the form of the bubble is reminiscent. The bubbles that create the work give the audience a reflection of their world that lasts only for an instance. As the audience constantly moves through the space the images reflected on the form are in a constant state of flux.


Instagram: @ateliersisu

Come and see for yourself at easterlySWELL , Chevron Island Park, 75 Thomas Dr, Surfers Paradise 10-19 September.