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Clare Harris has worked as an artist and craftsperson since finishing high school in 1984 when it was clear to Clare that her inner purpose was to follow her creative heart. As a first step Clare attended Graphic Design School and was employed in advertising agencies for a several years until recognizing that the advertising industry was not fulfilling her desire to express her creative ideas and explore her passion for fine art. Clare left advertising and completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at NSW University, College of Fine Art, majoring in Sculpture and Drawing. It was here Clare really feel in love with sculpture as an artform and discovered her love of working with timber.

After completing the Bachelor of Fine Arts, Clare wanted to learn more about timber construction techniques to assist in her development as an artist. Clare enrolled in a Cabinetmaking Trade Apprenticeship and was employed making bespoke pieces for interior decorators in Sydney. After several years of employment, Clare started her own business as an Artisan (cabinetmaker and artist), making custom pieces for private customers and interior decorators. Clare continued working solely as an artist for the next 11 years, exhibiting in local shows whilst raising children.
Clare decided she would like to teach creative arts to primary school children and so enrolled in university to complete a Graduate Diploma of Teaching and Learning and then began teaching Creative Arts across a range of schools in the Northern Rivers of NSW.

Clare is now working as an artist full-time, on commission basis and via exhibition.
Her intention is to bring concepts to life that can help people lead more peaceful and satisfying lives and to share these messages with the world.


2021 SWELL ARTWORK – Being Tree, Clare Harris

This sculpture is inspired by the artist’s desire to guide people back to the lessons contained in nature, as a means to overcome feelings of anxiety, despair and separation. Not knowing who we truly are beyond the roles we play and identities we form from early childhood, and continue to develop through worshipping false idols of materialism and constructed beauty, as opposed to celebrating the natural beauty of self-acceptance and Being.
The artist’s wish is to help people find peace within the challenges of contemporary living.


SWELL Kids Artist Statement – Being Tree, Clare Harris

Being Tree is to help people find peace and happiness even when things happen in life that upset us, like someone saying something hurtful or if we feel bad about something we did. Being Tree has a message to tell you that nothing that happens in life can take away from the beautiful being you are.
We can learn from the tree, to let these experiences come and go and not worry because there is a special, calm place inside us, like deep inside the trunk of the tree. It is a peaceful place of love and kindness, and it is who you are, beyond your name, age, how you look or what others might think of you.


Instagram: @clareharrisart

Come and see for yourself at SWELL Sculpture Festival, Pacific Parade, Currumbin 10-19 September.