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This submission is a continued collaboration between two Architects and a Carpenter.

Hooman Jaffar and Taylah Jardine work together at RealSpace Creative Pty Ltd
– a Gold Coast-based Architectural Consultancy. Our projects range from Sculpture, Retail Fitouts, Hospitality (Restaurants/Cafe’s) to Custom Residential, Commercial and Childcare Centre designs. Hooman Jaffar is a qualified and Registered Architect with 22 years’ experience in the industry. His career has spanned the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sydney, Singapore and Qatar – working with various Architectural Practices and Developers. Taylah Jardine is a Graduate Architect from Griffith University. She has been with the company for two years – working in collaboration with Hooman on all aspects of design and documentation.

Owen Thompson is a highly skilled Carpenter, with over 20 years’ experience in all facets of the trade. He owns and manages his own company – OJ Thompson Bespoke Design and Fitout Spaces. His recent work has been specialized in several unique retail and hospitality fitouts – where he gets involved during the entire creative process, as well as all aspects of construction, project management and Client Relations. He is proficient in all aspects of carpentry and considers all of what he does as “art and sculpture”. Projects have included Etsu Izakaya (Mermaid Beach), Iku Yakatori & Whiskey Bar (Burleigh Heads), Ally Chow (Nobby Beach), Two Wise Fish (Mermaid Waters), Double Barrel Kitchen (Mermaid Waters), Baked (Tweed Heads), Goto (Southport), Fire Cue (Nobby Beach) and Muso Ramen (Mermaid Beach).

Hooman Jaffar & Taylah Jardine


2021 SWELL ARTWORK – # l i f e t i m e, Hooman Jaffar, Taylah Jardine & Owen Thompson

The outer ring of the sculpture in plan represents a clock, 12 vertical sticks set out in a radial display. The inner circles symbolize ordered chaos, a time warp, a series of vertical sticks to depict a relative, comparative version of time.

A mirrored prism in the center of the circle is a reflection of time. We are all a reflection of time. Mirrors are spaced within and around the sculpture to force perspective. These are strategically placed to reflect off each other to encapsulate an infinite reflection of oneself.


SWELL Kids Artist Statement – # l i f e t i m e, Hooman Jaffar, Taylah Jardine & Owen Thompson

An invitation to reflect ideas of Time.

Based on a clock – this sculpture forms an infinite maze to explore and play in real time.


Instagram: @realspace_creative

Website: www.real-space.com.au

Come and see for yourself at SWELL Sculpture Festival, Pacific Parade, Currumbin 10-19 September.