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Oliver Grimmanshaw, 30, is a house builder and renovations specialist based in Bilambil Heights, Tweed Heads. Trained as a carpenter, he has been specialising in the construction and refurbishment of Queenslanders, cottages and beach shacks on the Gold Coast and Brisbane region since 2007. Oliver is currently working on transportable “tiny house” structures in Northern New South Wales.

Richard Scott, 38, is a writer and illustrator from Palm Beach on the Gold Coast. He has written for the likes of ABC Everyday, Australian Geographic, The Times (UK), Australian FourFourTwo, and Blank: Gold Coast. As an illustrator, he has developed concept art for Australian animation studio Princess Pictures, and logo design for Burleigh-based agency, Sweet Lemon. Richard is currently collaborating with local gallery, The Damn Good Store (Burleigh Heads), for a run of pen and ink illustrations of iconic Gold Coast landmarks.


2021 SWELL ARTWORK – Barker’s Beach Store, Oliver Grimshaw & Richard Scott

To step through the doors of Barker’s Beach Store is to travel through time, to an era where the corner store was the cornerstone of our local community. By re-imagining Currumbin’s iconic beachfront store, established in 1919, our sculpture scales down the original weatherboard shopfront into a fully functional children’s cubby house; serving as both interactive play-space and immersive historical experience. In doing so, we hope to celebrate forgotten Gold Coast history while taking a stand against our seemingly demonic desire to knock it all down and start again.


SWELL Kids Artist Statement – Barker’s Beach Store, Oliver Grimshaw & Richard Scott

A shop like this (but bigger) used to be here in Currumbin. There were no big shopping centres back then so locals bought everything they needed from Barker’s Beach Store, including newspapers, fishing tackle, and fabric and buttons to make their own clothes. It got knocked down ages ago, so we built it again for you to play in today.


Website: www.clippings.me/richardaescott

Come and see for yourself at SWELL Sculpture Festival, Pacific Parade, Currumbin 10-19 September.