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About Benny Gorell

Benny Gorell is a young, vibrant, up-and-coming steel artist with a passion for detail. After working for almost a decade as a professional fabricator/boilermaker and working to strict plans and measurements, Benny felt the need to unleash more of his creative potential through his work. Benny has taken the skills he learned as a technical boilermaker and begun applying this to his creative pieces with the intent to capture the minds and hearts of his audience through unique and inspiring steel sculptures.

2022 SWELL ARTWORK – Abyssal, Benny Gorell

Unfathomable. The abyssal zone is an area of the ocean with depths between 4,000 and 6,000 meters. At such great depths, plants cannot grow due to the lack of sunlight and consequently no photosynthesis, leaving these areas sparse and in constant darkness. The tallest mountain in Australia, Mt Kosciusko, could stand on itself end to end and still not reach the bottom of the ocean. Covering more than half of the Earth’s surface, the deep ocean makes you wonder: what creatures could be living down there?

Come and see for yourself at SWELL Sculpture Festival, Pacific Parade, Currumbin 9-18 September.