2022 ARTIST BIOS | Felicia Agale

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2022 SWELL ARTWORK – A Healing Journey, Desert-Rain Magpie, Felicia Agale, Justine Dillon, Tarni Eastwood, Julie Ellis, Erica Eurell, Emily Kafoa, Skye Shannon, Maureen Newton, Trisha Newton, Rebecca Ray, Tracy Ritson

Felicia Agale is a Meriam Mer woman with ancestral roots in the Eastern Torres Strait Islands cluster. Felicia primarily works with natural fibers with special focus in weaving & jewelry design & construction. Her works are held in both public and private collections.

Felicia Agale has previously acted as lead artist on the ‘Skyweave’ collaborative art installation at the Bleach Festival 2020 and occasionally holds community weaving workshops.

A Healing Journey is a large scale woven canopy, incorporating representations of local (Gold Coast) native, edible and medicinal plants. The installation will allow people to walk through/under the canopy as if entering a lush forest. Participants will be able to see the many different styles of weaving seamlessly combined with woven pieces displayed from people of all facets of life in our communities. This space offers itself as a place for restoration and reconnection, a place to reflect on what healing means to each of us.

Come and see for yourself at SWELL Sculpture Festival, Pacific Parade, Currumbin 9-18 September.