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About Finn Cossar

Finn Cossar is an artist living and working in the Sunshine Coast region of Southeast Queensland. Finn has a profound love for nature established from growing up outdoors at the beach and in semi-rural environments; this translates in his sculptural work that features found objects from nature such as stone, rusted steel, and forms of old machinery. He enjoys combining these elements using industrial techniques such as welding, forging, and manipulation. Finn aims to create works that intrigue the observer, particularly as to how they remain in place. His art practice is a vital part of his life: “my one goal in life is to inspire people with my work and to bring physicality to the concepts I imagine.” Finn’s work is both publicly enjoyed and curated by a few collectors.

2022 SWELL ARTWORK – Hex Nut Hive, Finn Cossar

Bees are an amazing part of Australia’s ecosystem with hundreds of different species helping to pollinate a diversity of plants. Thousands of nuts and bolts have been recycled to create this glowing hive. The bright golden colors emanating from within symbolise life and growth. The intricacy of the structure and its form resemble the organic construction that occurs in nature. The nuts and bolts not only serve as the main structure to the hive, but symbolically remind us about the importance of bees to the fabric of our precious earth.

Instagram: @finncossarsculptures

Facebook: @Finn Cossar

Website: finncossar.com.au

Come and see for yourself at SWELL Sculpture Festival, Pacific Parade, Currumbin 9-18 September.