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About Jo Norton

Jo Norton is a self-taught artist who takes clay as her main medium. Practicing out of her warehouse-turned-studio in Currumbin, Jo is never far from her muse and constant source of inspiration; the sea. Captivated by the malleable nature of clay, Norton manipulates the medium to explore worlds of prolific concepts through fluid textures and forms with ruptures of colour.

2022 SWELL ARTWORK – It’s not too late, Jo Norton

‘It’s not too late’ (2022) is a mediation of the repetition of the monumental and the minuscule; the natural and the handmade. The fragile totems mirror spherical shifts of changing temporalities, a material ode to the cyclical schemes of the earth. As one idea takes shape another follows inspired by its wake, forming a ripple effect based upon mutual exchange. The work locates a sense of hope in the process of collaboration, signalling to the virtuous potential in united, collective action.

Instagram: @Thrownbyjo

Facebook: @Thrownbyjo

Website: www.thrownbyjo.com

Come and see for yourself at SWELL Sculpture Festival, Pacific Parade, Currumbin 9-18 September.