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About Remo Vallance

Remo Valance is a visual artist who specialises in site-specific sculpture and performance art installations. His predominantly sculptural forms capture stories of displacement and moments of tension through the juxtaposition of materials in 3D form and through permanent and ephemeral works. Remo works in a truly collaborative way to create visual spatial narratives, employing techniques such as carving and construction with wood and metal, and performative installations with fire and light.

Currently Remo is the Creative Director of G&V, a high-level fabrication art house that he founded which specialises in commercial, public art and interior design. As a multi-disciplinary artist with a focus on sculpture, metal and lighting, Remo’s specialty is integrating art and culture within the community and in creating site-specific and interactive installations. His design approach considers the way materials connect and collide, with cause and effect being an important facet of his practice. The contradictions and juxtapositions created through material and spatial tensions create a dynamic and layered narrative in his work.

Remo trained at Canberra School of Art with lecturers David Watt (performance & installation art), Ante Dabro (figurative sculpture) and Michael Le Grand (metal sculptor). He was Creative Director of ‘Odd Productions’ in Canberra, Sydney and Melbourne; A lead artist with ‘Splinters Theatre of Spectacle’ in Canberra and ‘Tryclops Performance Art’ in melbourne, specialising in performative and installation-based fire events. As a high-level fabricator Remo has produced works for artists such as Hiromi Tango, Sebastian Moody, Georgie Pinn, Craig Walsh, Priscilla Bracks and Chris Fox.
Remo’s skills and experience encompass all aspects of a project’s management including concept, design, contract, budget, fabrication, time frames, transport, install and WHS protocols. All artworks and projects are managed by Remo from conception to completion. As a metal fabricator Remo is conscious of his footprint and employs the latest and most sustainable and efficient inverter power saving welding equipment. His decades of experience as a designer has led him to maximising materials for creative application, for example having a consideration of the materials required to produce a specific work of art and committing to less than 10% waste for each and every project.

2022 SWELL ARTWORK – The Ammonoid, Remo Vallance

The Ammonoid takes its form from the Ammonite Spiral, as a metaphor for our ability as humans to adapt and evolve over time. The Ammonite Spiral is the oldest fossil found in the natural environment and for millions of years faced adversity and change. As humans we are facing our own challenges; there is a cause and effect to everything in the environment and our actions have consequences. As you walk through the immersive spiral of The Ammonoid let the spatial formation empower you to explore, accept and embrace change.

Website: www.gandv.com.au

Come and see for yourself at SWELL Sculpture Festival, Pacific Parade, Currumbin 9-18 September.