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GCMAGIC – Nasrin Vaziri & Michelle Noordink in collaboration with 21 Artists

About Nasrin Vaziri

Nasrin Vaziri is an arts sociologist, visual artist with extensive experiences working with people from all cultural backgrounds. 

Nasrin has an impressive list of variety of successful community arts projects in her profile either as an initiator, designer or producer. Her artworks have been displayed in local, national and international galleries. 

She has been involved with Gold Coast Multicultural Arts Group known as GCMAGIC since the establishment and led the organisation to grow with innovative projects.

About Michelle Noordink

Michelle Noordink is President of the Sculptors Society Gold Coast and a contemporary sculptor and artist living and working on the Gold Coast, Australia. The daughter of sculptor Laurence Allen, her delicate sculptures pay homage to her local environment, extensive travels, and nature. Her distinctive sculptural style emanates joy and mystique, expressing the vibrant spirit and figurative visage of immersed beauty.


2023 SWELL ARTWORK – Calls Home

‘Call Home’ represents cultural diversity through natural elements with the concept of ‘Unity’, ‘Diversity’ and ‘Harmony’.

The base is constructed from a wooden frame and blue board for outdoor applications, covered with 76 tiles, 20cm x 20cm each, made of clay, glazed, and fired in the kiln. The sculpture’s colours represent the Australian landscape, with blues for water, greens for flora, and browns and natural colours for fauna.

The sculpture represents a human body and the mirror ball on top, reflects the viewer as a part of the sculpture.

The project was initiated by Gold Coast Multicultural Arts Group known as GCMAGIC. 


Instagram: @gcmagic_official

Facebook: Gold Coast Multicultural Arts

Website: gcmagic.org.au

Come and see for yourself at SWELL Sculpture Festival, Pacific Parade, Currumbin 8th – 17th September