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Atelier Sisu

Atelier Sisu

Atelier Sisu NSW Source: @ateliersisu


What was the inspiration behind the piece that is a part of the SWELL Sculpture Festival 2021?

This vibrant light and sound artwork is the latest creation of Atelier Sisu, a Sydney-based design studio driven by artists Renzo B. Larriviere and Zara Pasfield. Aiming to connect audiences with their environment, Atelier Sisu have put the transient qualities of a bubble on show, leaving the viewer to ponder impermanence and the ever-changing human experience.

Do you follow a process or plan for each new piece or do you ‘wing it’?

Atelier Sisu designs, plans and engineers their work very precisely from initial conception to final delivery. Throughout the process of creating Evanescent we have worked closely with Lucy Keeler and her team to bring every element of the work to life with the highest artistic integrity.

Would you describe your artistic journey as a slow burn or a wild ride?

The journey of ‘Ephemeral’ has consisted of two years’ careful development. The piece has involved ongoing design collaboration for site specifically city. We have worked together with Light Curator, Lucy Keeler to expand their original idea to become a 10,000 square metre immersive experience.

Can you tell us a little bit more about how you became the artist that you are today?

Atelier Sisu is the art practice of Renzo Larriviere and Zara Pasfield. After 3 years of continuous, unintended collaboration we have created our formal collaborative project, Atelier Sisu. This project selectively explores the intersection of our backgrounds as industrial and architectural designers respectively.

Describe your ideal environment where your creative juices flow?

The most creative moments happen when we least expect them to. This is usually when we are cleaning up a messy studio and find a beam of light hitting some scrap material in an unexpected way, or when our original concept simply isn’t working but the failures come together to make something completely new and interesting.

Is there an artist or body of work that you would consider your muse?

We admire the work of Dutch installation artists, Studio DRIFT. The duo continually explore biomimicry through their work in a way that is timeless and inherently poetic. Their minimalist yet mesmerising approach to their work is something that we strive to emulate through our work.

If you had to choose 3 words to describe your artistic style, what would they be?

Playful, elegant, ever-evolving.

Beyond SWELL 2021, is there a forthcoming project you are most excited about?

We are excited to see that way the Evanescent evolves in the future.

What does exhibiting in SWELL 2021 mean to you?

Exhibiting as part of SWELL allows us to explore a new site and a new audience to create a unique atmosphere around Evanescent. Each time we exhibit the work we understand more about the human interaction with it, we are sure that SWELL will be no exception.

Is there anything you do to continue developing as an artist? Would you describe yourself as self-taught or formally educated in your practice?

We are constantly familiarising ourselves with what our colleagues are doing, we find this helps to push our thinking into more interesting spaces. Renzo studied fine arts while growing up in Peru and we both have design degrees here in Australia.

If you were to go on a holiday, would you venture to the ocean or the mountains?

Both growing up on the coast, we would never miss the chance to explore the mountains.

Gourmet restaurant or home-cooked meal?

Home-cooked meal (as long as its Renzo B. Larriviere cooking!).

How would you describe your taste in music?


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