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Willem JJ Scheepers QLD


What was the inspiration behind the piece that is a part of the SWELL Sculpture Festival 2021?

Personal experiences, dramatic changes, uncertainty, a instinctual need to run or hide and a deep desire to finally find a safe place.

Do you follow a process or plan for each new piece or do you ‘wing it’?

Not planned, but certainly not winging it either. Most would consider the process madness, I like to think of it as just having fun.

Would you describe your artistic journey as a slow burn or a wild ride?

You be the judge. I would rather call it exciting.

Can you tell us a little bit more about how you became the artist that you are today?

Try to stay unique and true to myself, experimental, have fun and try to share the joy and excitement that art and creating gives me with everyone. Most importantly, I try to let my imagine run wild!

Describe your ideal environment where your creative juices flow?

In the wild, naked.

Is there an artist or body of work that you would consider your muse?

Don’t know about muse… but Dali is my favourite.

If you had to choose 3 words to describe your artistic style, what would they be?

Exciting, unique and thought provoking.

Beyond SWELL 2021, is there a forthcoming project you are most excited about?

Yes. A collaborative piece in development we are calling ‘The Seeds of Love’ and I’m very excited about my new individual that has yet to be named but probably something along the lines of ‘Hazards’? Open to suggestions…

What does exhibiting in SWELL 2021 mean to you?

The opportunity to exhibit at SWELL this year is firstly a great honour and a privilege. Opportunity to work alongside some fantastic talent in a magnificent setting in a great part of the world for the amazing people of Australia and the art world. I mean words can’t express what it means to me so I hope our sculpture can.

Is there anything you do to continue developing as an artist? Would you describe yourself as self-taught or formally educated in your practice?

Yeah, but I don’t know if it’s legal. Considering that my work is very experimental and is a combination of learning from others and everything around me. I think that everything I learn and experience plays a tremendous part in what can be expressed and created.

If you were to go on a holiday, would you venture to the ocean or the mountains?

Both, probably an island with a mountain.

Gourmet restaurant or home-cooked meal?

It’s not about the meal or the setting, it’s about the people we share the experiences with.

How would you describe your taste in music?

All over the place.


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