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Dragons Abreast Australis QLD – The Good Ship Awareness


What’s your favourite aspect of being an artist?

As an eclectic group we naturally would provide a wide range of answers to the following questions, but we would all agree that there is unlimited satisfaction in fulfilling the creative urge.

Do you have a favourite material you like to work with?

We have a sculptor who works in hebel and a member who has a wide range of skills with wood and shackles. Our seamstress enjoy the challenge of fabric and form and we have a graphic artist who is an accomplished painter.

Would you rather share an Uber with Barbara Hepworth or Cornelia Parker or Antony Gormley?

We will take the lot if they are going in our direction because I am sure they all have something to add to a conversation, just like our group.

If you could meet any artist (from the past or present) who would it be?

Brett Whiteley for one of us but in complete contrast we have a vote for Rembrandt and a vote for Jackson Pollock.

What are you most excited for about SWELL?

We are all excited about the opportunity to challenge ourselves to produce an interactive installation that can be enjoyed by both young and old.

Are you most productive on a beautiful sunny day or rainy gloomy day?

Every day can be productive regardless of the weather – after all artists produce work in prison cells.

What tool could you not live without?

The most useful tool for this project has been the internet because it has allowed us to collaborate from home.

What did you love the most about creating your artworks?

The opportunity to work in collaboration  with the group to produce a thought provoking installation has provided stimulation for each member.

Is there a theme or trend in the messaging of your artworks?

Our work is designed to raise awareness of the benefits of Dragon boat racing for women recovering from breast cancer and to promote the support offered through our dragon boat club.

How many SWELL Sculpture Festivals have you been too?

As local artists we can say that between the group members we have attended every festival since its inception.

What drew you to applying for SWELL?

SWELL provides the perfect location and exposure for our message

Was the location of SWELL a contributing factor towards the inspiration of your piece?

Every boat belongs near the sea but importantly Currumbin beach with its clear water and crisp white sands is the location where we all first met as a group.

Shelby Nelson is confident but still growing as a university student. Studying Public Relations and Business she has found a strong passion for all things events, especially when it comes to the arts industry. Growing up on the Gold Coast she lives and breathes the beachside lifestyle and aims to help showcase people with amazing talents, giving the community not only a chance to appreciate them but have an amazing experience whilst doing so.

Follow her on Instagram @shelbynelson1