Come and see for yourself!  There is something for everyone at SWELL!   Celebrating 19 years of connecting people, art, and place, the annual SWELL Sculpture Festival is a free and all-inclusive 10-day outdoor sculpture exhibition, by the people for the people. A celebration of narratives and stories spoken through the artworks produced by local,
SWELL Kids Elements is the curated project dedicated to KIDS, ART & PLAY, to be experienced through the eyes of children. A place where young artists are invited to play and explore. An interactive sculpture park for children to marvel at elements of art, science and the environment. Exploring shape, colour, texture, form, line and
NortherlySWELL is the annual sculptural exhibition situated at the Helensvale Library and Cultural Precinct. Supported by Division 2, Cr William Owen-Jones, northerlySWELL is a celebration of culture, art, and community. Visually stimulating and FUN, everyone is invited to come and see for themselves. An amalgamation of a great ancient poet and arguably the greatest comic
  westerlySWELL 2021 is all about WORDPLAY, showcasing two literary-inspired installations created by Australian/Colombian artist Emma Anna. Emma Anna’s internationally renowned project WORDPLAY is a celebration of the power of words, creative thinking, play and conversation. Her large-scale sculptures are created in reference to the popular word game Scrabble and commenced in 2008 with the
easterlySWELL will be popping up in Chevron Island Park, Chevron Island from 10-19 September 2021. For its second year, easterlySWELL will be connecting people, art and place within the Chevron Island community, inviting locals and visitors to come and see for themselves. The featured artist of easterlySWELL 2021 is Atelier Sisu, an internationally renowned dynamic
SWELL SMALLS GALLERY AT DUST TEMPLE The 2021 SWELL Smalls Gallery at Dust Temple will exhibit over 40 smaller sculptures across two weeks throughout the festival. Just a short drive from Currumbin Beach, visit Dust Temple to experience this eclectic space and enhance your art collection by taking home an original work of art. SWELL
SWELL Fringe Festival will host a rich and exciting program of live events, including visual arts and literary feasts, live music, spoken word experiences and creative culinary adventures. Join us as artists discuss their motivation, practice and personal experience. Learn a new craft, discover the sounds of SWELL, listen to uniquely crafted prose and poetry
  Photography is a HUGE element at SWELL. At SWELL 2021 Currumbin Beach, photographers are invited to come along for a FREE photography meet-up to talk the talk, shoot sculptures, capture the light and the moment. Passionate photographer Tony Scott will be hosting the two sessions. Photography enthusiasts are invited to come along to the
SCHEDULED ARTISTS TALKS MEET THE ARTISTS! Join us for insightful talks with artists at their sculptures, gain a deeper understanding and engage in creative conversations. You will hear firsthand the artist’s creative process to bring these artistic concepts to life. Artist Talks are scheduled throughout the exhibition. When | Daily at various times Where |
TAKE PART IN A GUIDED SCULPTURE WALK Join us on an artistic expedition with guest curators to guide you through the sculptures. Gain insight and perspective into the sculptures and discover the method behind the creations. Engage in creative conversations and indulge in the experience of SWELL as twilight transforms the landscape. Bookings essential.