7×12 | 2022 | SERIES 4 | EMMA ANNA

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What was the inspiration behind your piece for SWELL Sculpture Festival 2022?

My work for Swell in 2022 is a continuation of my WORDPLAY series. It is inspired by the challenges of the pandemic and the consequent impact upon my mental health, and the wellbeing of the community during this time.

What does exhibiting in the 20th year of SWELL Sculpture Festival mean to you?

It´s a great opportunity to celebrate public art and community in a beautiful location. It´s a time to contemplate the past and to congratulate the production team and the many artists who have helped make the event such a long term success.

If you had to remove one colour from existence, which colour would you choose? Why?


Couldn’t do it. I love colour too much.

What is your favourite meal to cook when trying to impress someone?

Ceviche. Simple, elegant and tasty.

You’ve been transported into a fictional world of your choosing. Which book, movie, or TV show would it be?

The book I am currently writing, but will probably never finish.

What do you wish you knew about being an artist before you started creating?

It can be a very lonely career and not for the faint-of-heart.

What tools would you use to manage creative burnout?

Collage. Sleep. Go on a mushroom forage. 

How would your friends describe you?

Clever, strange but entertaining, extremely creative, passionate, moody, freedom-seeking. 

What is your favourite part of the creative process?

I am currently enjoying two intimate and engaged creative collaborations. The best bit about working in collaboration is that I don’t have to do everything myself. Exploring process together can be like idea tennis, with the bounce back and forth often leading me / us into new and unexpected thinking and outcomes. 

Where do you do most of your creating? Is it from a backyard, a studio, or a kitchen bench, or other?

On my laptop, wherever I happen to be. 

What is the strangest food combo that you love?

Raw cats tongue fungus and hazelnut ice cream.

What is your favourite Karaoke song? Do you have a music genre that always inspires you?

Dislike karaoke but I love any music that features piano. 

The Author

Joss Smith is an emerging graphic designer based in Tweed Heads, loving everything visual and immersive. Her passion for the creative arts has led her to study a Bachelor of Visual Communication and Graphics. She hopes to balance her love for the arts, culture and nature with her strengths in communication and management to create wicked designs with wicked people. 

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