Bianca Alice | Hook line and sinker (Jerry Can)

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“Hook, Line and Sinker” represents the notion of deceit represented through the symbolic metaphor of catching a goldfish in foreign waters. Traditionally Goldfish are a symbol of luck and good fortune in contrary to their high destruction and invasive demeanour.

Materials underglaze sgraffito slip cast

Measurements (mm) H 150 W 50 L 105

Estimated cost to post within Australia $30



About Bianca Alice

Bianca Alice is a Gold Coast based artist whose interdisciplinary practices spans across ceramic bodies of work, oil, and relief printing. Bianca’s practice delves into the illustrative reflection of the Coast’s native biota, her work focuses on capturing the profound beauty of native flora and fauna along the bustling golden coastline.

Bianca was a proud recipient of the 2023 commendation award for Creative Generation Excellence in Senior Visual Art and secured a mentorship for 2024 as part of the Logan Art Gallery Ripple Effect, with an upcoming exhibition in December. She is currently a resident at Mint Art House through the Gold Coast City Council Level Up Program.

Instagram @biancaallicee



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