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Monotony on a plot. To be left hollow or refilled. It queries the effect that monoculture and land clearing have on our biodiversity and the potential for restoration.

Materials Clay, glaze

Measurements (mm) H 135 W 75 L 75

Estimated cost to post within Australia $35


$1,350 for the set or $500 for 3. Contact to select set of 3.


About Kannitha Ly

Kannitha Ly is a multidisciplinary artist. She has completed degrees in Fine Art (Distinction) (QCA) and Architectural Design. Her work spans across sculpture, installation art, printmaking and ceramics. Ly often leans on the sensibility of materials, allowing it to impart its inherent nature and history to her work. This contributes to her exploration in themes relating to suburbia, society and the environment. Ly has previously exhibited works in Queensland, New South Wales and New York.

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