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In “Fan Palm Lights” the artist captures the fan palm’s essence. The balanced composition highlights the beauty of Queensland’s northern rainforests. Taking the viewer on a visual journey, from the slender single trunk to the canopy of round leaves. The composition evokes a sense of appreciation for nature in its purest form, encapsulating the radiance found within the sunlit fan palms of Queensland’s renowned Daintree rainforest. The artwork serves as a visual portal, inviting viewers to experience the warmth and beauty of a sunny day amidst the lush foliage.

Materials Oil Pencils on Fabriano Paper

Measurements (mm) H 297 W 210 L 10

Estimated cost to post within Australia $25



About Katrin Hummel

Katrin Hummel, originally from Germany, is a multi-skilled artist with a degree in graphic design, interactive media, and illustration. She has been working in the creative industry since 2013.

Throughout her career, she has executed illustrations and 2D animations for a variety of commercial clients and is now focussing on fine art. Her recent body of work focuses on the little moments that create joy in life. Her artwork embraces vibrant colors and employs loose, expressive strokes that allow the paintings to possess a sense of spontaneity and rawness.

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