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To the working parent, the Golden Arches once presented a sanctuary. To nutritionists, the ‘Maccas’ phenomenon is synonymous with saturated fats, salt and sugar; to environmentalists, excessive packaging and industrial meat production; to economists, rampant globalisation.

Before McDonalds crossed the seas and infiltrated Australian culture and diets, Lantana camara was introduced by colonists without care. The large flowering shrub quickly became a noxious pest, smothering and killing native vegetation. In this unusual coupling of phenomena, The Lantana McHappy Meal confronts the audience with a composite of invasive forces.

Materials Wool, embroidery mesh, cotton

Measurements (mm) H 400 W 350 L 400

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About Blair Garland

Blair Garland is a multidisciplinary artist whose work approaches the domestic suburban experience, which she reflects back with insight, playfulness and wit. She often incorporates traditionally female craft methodologies in honour of too-long overlooked narratives.

Blair was born in Sydney, raised in the hinterland of the Gold Coast and currently lives and works in Redcliffe, Queensland. She comes from a family of artists and continues that legacy as she graduated with a Bachelor of Visual Art from Griffith University. Blair has exhibited widely and won many awards for her work.

This year Blair’s work ‘The Lantana McHappy Meal’ was selected for the prestigious Woollahra Small Sculpture Prize from 610 applications received from artists practicing within and beyond Australia. Running parallel to her personal visual art practice is her most recent foray into designing public artworks.

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