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This sculpture encapsulates hope for the future through the powerful symbolism of a seed; this embodies the promise of a new generation and fresh beginnings. The Kurrajong is an elegant form with subtle curves but harbours a surprising element with delicate and potentially irritating hairs within. Crafted deliberately to capture the seed’s strong contrasting shadows, the sculpture captures the seed’s essence.

This meticulous process transforms the transient symbol of renewal into a timeless testament. Enduring bronze elevates the piece beyond mere transience to merging fragility with lasting hope.

Materials Bronze

Measurements (mm) H 400 x W 400 x L 400

Editions 6

Estimated cost to post within Australia $50



About Alice Nixon

Alice Nixon has been a practising artist for many years and has a Fine Arts Degree and a Post Graduate Diploma in Sculpture. She has had numerous solo shows and has participated in group shows in Australia and internationally. Her work has received numerous awards and commissions and is represented in public and private collections.

Examples of these are sixteen bronze sculptures for Sydney Road, Brunswick. Two large Arches for the City of Box Hill and a playground for both the City of Whitehorse and St Kilda. Alice has been commissioned to make Lights for the Northcote Town Hall, Six sculptures for the Crown Casino, and two large ceramic sculptures for inside the South Gate precinct in Melbourne.

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