Mosaic Stepping Stones With Monte Lupo Arts Monte Lupo invites you to create your very own enchanting mosaic stepping stone. You will be given a concrete paver and then choose tiles that you will use to mosaic a design onto the paver. Once you have completed the mosaicking, the paver will sit for about half
Mosaic Frames with Monte Lupo Monte Lupo studio invites kids to create a garden mosaic using our beautiful hand-made and decorated tiles. A selection of painted bugs, butterflies, flowers, animals, leaves and colours will be available to create your own garden scene. Our studio assistants will then grout the mosaics making them weatherproof and ready
The Art of Tea Workshop From beginners to painting experts, join us at the wonderful Madison’s Café & Patisserie for a delicious high tea, where you will be guided through painting your own ceramic tea cup & saucer with Monte Lupo Arts.   When |  Saturday 9th September & Wednesday 13th September Time | 10.30am – 12.30pm
Weaving Together with Claire Felicia Agale & Desert-Rain Magpie This masterclass will teach you weaving techniques using raffia to create your own basket to take home. Weaving strands together to create something unique is reflective of our own life’s journey – weaving brings together creativity, culture, healing and community, this art form is a mirror
Mermaid Wall Hanging with Monte Lupo Day one: Participants will be guided through the process of forming your own mermaid wall hanging and giving your masterpiece some personality through sculptural techniques.     Day two: Participants will be guided through the process of decorating your piece, ready for firing.    Your piece will be fired, with
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Wire & Wine with Russell Solomon Participants will learn skills on how to manipulate wire, obtaining smooth bending. They will learn the principles of contour drawing and design. Also participants will learn the skills to create a hanging (Alexander Calder style) mobile. At the end of the workshop attendees will take home a three dimensional
Botanical Impressions with Cyanotype Cyanotype imagery, developed in the 19th century as a way of documenting botanical specimens, is one of the oldest forms of photography. In this one-day workshop, Northern Rivers visual artist Katie Alleva will lead participants step by step through the fascinating technique of wet cyanotype, an alternative photography technique, that uses
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Holographic Art Masterclass with James Voller Artist James Voller will take participants through a masterclass exploring his own practice of translating 2D imagery, photographs or paintings into 3D sculptures for the public art realm. The masterclass will discover how to effectively blur the lines between digital and sculptural practices through the demonstration of LED spinning
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Paint Your Own Dog & Cat Bowl Paint your own dog or cat bowl. This is an unstructured paint your own dog or cat bowl. You will draw your design onto the ceramic piece with a lead pencil. Once you are happy with the design you will paint the design with underglaze colours.  Once completed
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Botanical Dyes and Native Foods with Norton Fredricks & Three Little Birds Brisbane A collaboration between Norton Fredricks (Retritus) and chef Chris Jordan (Three Little Birds Brisbane), this multifaceted masterclass will have participants explore the fundamentals of natural dyeing techniques as well as be educated on native foods, celebrating the unique culture and natural resources