MON 6 MAY | Waterlines Guided Meditation | Cat Valentine and Glenn Barry

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Waterlines Guided Meditation

Join Cat Valentine and Glenn Barry as they take you through a guided meditation as the sunsets on the final day of Waterlines at the Hinze Dam. Starting with an Acknowledgement to Country, you will then be guided through to a deep connection with self, the power of Mother Nature, and the expansion of the all that is. Ending with grounding and a focus on what fills us with love and light. 

When| Monday 6th May 

Time| 4.00pm – 5.00pm 

Where| Waterside Park, Hinze Dam, 100-200 Advancetown Rd, Advancetown 

Cost| Adult $10 + booking fee

Bring a yoga mat, towel or picnic rug to sit on, and a jumper if colder.

Connection and presence.  In the busyness of life we somehow skip these things in the dash for more. Ending up disconnected from self, others, and all that is. This session will be 40min of coming back to now, reconnecting with who we are and to the power of Mother Nature. I help people heal deep, complex subconscious programming that keeps them stuck in old fears, beliefs and un resourceful behaviour. This morning session will be a time to be still and listen to your truth. The message from within.  

SWELL Sculpture presents W

With a strong focus on land art, Waterlines is an 11 day immersive experience with sculptural installations and eco programming. Two larger-than-life land art installations and soundscape kayak tour, long table forest feast, artist talks, permaculture, edible gardens, bushwalking, yoga and more. 26 April to 6 May 2024, Hinze Dam and surrounding Gold Coast Hinterland. There is something for everyone – come and see for yourself! Click here for more

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Image credit: LexImagery – Glenn Barry & Cat Valentine