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Being Sky Mountain  – performed by Velvet Pesu | Be taken on an operatic journey as Velvet performs on Currumbin Rock….

Being Sky Mountain | My head held high | Seamlessly spinning | Whirling with the wind | I have become sky mountain | My river veins course into the sea | Mirroring worlds within me

Velvet’s rare contralto voice and innate sense of spirit is core to Being Sky Mountain. An avid collector of organic and recycled elements, songs and rhythm Velvet aims to engage, challenge perceptions and inspire transformation. She is motivated by the opportunity to explore, improvise and collaborate whilst promoting authentic positive change through the coordination of inclusive, non judgmental art-focused environments and projects. Self-expression is potent therapy providing a glimpse into the ephemeral nature of human experience, the fragmentation of perception and the interconnected nature of all. It is in times of complete surrender, devoid of ego that true strength of character and raw inspiration shine through.

Velvet’s works flow as new and relating ideas, impressions and improvisations, a constantly changing rhizome of interconnected elements. An organic investigation into the passage of time, a mapping of ephemeral collaborations with the temporal, each process informing the next allowing nature’s cycles of production and destruction to work hand in hand. Velvet’s performance art is in constant state of flux, a framed act of conscious play, unfolding, becoming and unveiling of self through process, chance, accident, change, temporality, rhythm, voice, light and image. 

When | Saturday 10, Sunday 11, Saturday 17, Sunday 18 September

Time | 5.45pm – 6.00pm

Where | Currumbin Rock, Currumbin Beach (Northern End)

Cost | FREE, no booking required

*Join us down at Currumbin Alley at 5pm to witness Living Sculptures: how the birds got their colours and then make your way to Currumbin Rock to watch Velvet’s performance.