SWELL at Gold Coast Airport 2023 | Dion Parker | Lil Dusty | BILINGA | FREE

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SWELL at Gold Coast Airport 2023 | Lil Dusty

Lil Dusty – Dion Parker

Lil Dusty is an infamous and well-loved character on the Gold Coast, created by local artist Dion Parker. This work is a selection and celebration of Lil Dusty in some of his many forms.

Lil Dusty has never liked being confined to a box. To be honest he’s not the most obedient dog around. I left these crates unattended for just a minute and this is what the cheeky little bugger’s got up to.

When| Friday 1st September – Sunday 17th September
Time| 9.00am – 9.00pm
Where| Arrivals Terminal, Gold Coast Airport, Eastern Ave, Bilinga QLD 4225
Cost| FREE 

Dion Parker

Dion is a multi award winning sculptor based in Queensland’s Gold Coast. Dion expresses his signature style, humour and cheek across a variety of mediums with his favourite being bronze. His character “Lil Dusty” remains an integral part of his practice and has appeared in many different materials, locations and iterations.

IMAGES: Dion Parker