SWELL at Oasis Shopping Centre 2023 | Dion Parker | Lil Dusty | BROADBEACH | FREE

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SWELL at Oasis Shopping Centre 2023 | Lil Dusty - Dion Parker

Lil Dusty – Dion Parker

Dion’s sculptural works, most recently have focused around featureless and mono-coloured dogs. Each dog is designed with smooth, flowing lines to create artworks that are fun and playful. Upscaled and vividly red, Lil’ Dusty continues to communicate with the viewer through body language. A simple stance emits a range of emotions and feelings to contemplate. It begs the question, what is running through Lil Dusty’s mind and, what or who is he looking at?

When| Friday 1st September – Sunday 17th September
Time| 9.00am – 5.00pm
Where| Oasis Shopping Centre | 12 Charles Avenue, Broadbeach QLD
Cost| FREE 

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Dion Parker

Dion is a multi award winning sculptor based in Queensland’s Gold Coast. Dion expresses his signature style, humour and cheek across a variety of mediums with his favourite being bronze. His character “Lil Dusty” remains an integral part of his practice and has appeared in many different materials, locations and iterations.

IMAGE: Dion Parker