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As a teenager, his involvement with clay and his drive to model it into sculpture was the driving force for him to join the private classes of Russian-born sculptor George Virine (1972-1976). Up till 1983, Piperides continued to be fascinated by Australian Sculptor Industry and decided to venture overseas to Greece. While there, he become a devote student of legendary Greek sculptor Vangilis Moustakas (noted for the massive bronze “Alexander the Great” on his horse “Bucephalus”, and he acquired indepth knowledge of the many facets of bronze casting at the Dimitri Gavallas Foundry. In 1984 he was offered a position at Pietra Santa where he further advanced his knowledge and developed his hands on skills. 1990 became a major turning point in his life as he was awarded the highly acclaimed Churchill Fellowship (Sculpture) in recognition of his achievements with clay and bronze. Piperides then travelled to Canada, U.S.A. and England to further his knowledge in monumental castings. On his return home to Australia, Piperides became a much sort-after artist/sculptor and soon opened his own purpose built foundry at Brendale Qld, Perides Art Foundry.
Now an internationally renowned Artist and Sculptor, Phillip Piperides is at the pinnacle of his industry. Notoriety has only given Piperides added incentive to explore the endless boundaries of the art world and continues to impress his many collectors.

2020 SWELL ARTWORK – Images 2, Phillip Piperides

Images No.2 aims to portray the processes and materiality of sculpture. I have always admired the mechanics of nature, specifically the metamorphosis of a butterfly. Using the human bust as reference, this sculpture is a symbol of change.

Come and see for yourself at SWELL Sculpture Festival, Pacific Parade, Currumbin 11-20 September.