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Angela van Boxtel is a Dutch, Queensland based Artist. Her work encapsulates creative imaginary sculptures created from waste materials, mostly single use plastics. She has knitted the worlds largest waste knitting created from lemon netting, crocheted over 20,000 plastic shopping bags into sculptures acquired by commissions and shown at many a festival around Australia. She was the Artist in Residency at Kimbriki Resource Recovery Centre where she learned ‘digging another hole’ (the Australian take on waste) is not the answer. With her degree in Media & Communications she is a passionate speaker and campaigner for environmental change and challenging consumers behaviour that waste is just a resource not yet explored.


2021 SWELL ARTWORK – Yellow Lemonade, Angela Van Boxtel and Fraser the Razor 

The old adagio ‘if you got lemons make lemonade’ exploring the idea if you got nothing get creative. The sculpture is entirely made (knitted) out of lemon netting disposed as industrial waste on the tip. Lemon netting is a single use plastic; most of us use it regularly to send of to landfill. We don’t need netting for lemons to make lemonade. Focus on the lemons or think what you dispose of. The square footage of the knit represents our mutual footprint – rethinking waste while being playful.


SWELL Kids Artist Statement – Yellow Lemonade, Angela Van Boxtel and Fraser the Razor 

Imagine if you only had lemons, what can you make? How about lemonade! Now Imagine a world full of rubbish, what can you make? Rubbish is not waste, it’s a resource. Do you have ideas what to make from waste and make money from it? So it becomes valuable and people stop wasting and no longer say it is rubbish.


Website: www.wastetodesign.com

Come and see for yourself at SWELL Sculpture Festival, Pacific Parade, Currumbin 10-19 September.