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We’re a team of nonconformists making larger-than-life inflatable sculptures, event props, and thought-provoking production concepts under the artist name “Cool Shit”.

It started with Lionel Richie’s head. Since then, we’ve been to Coachella, Art Basel (a few times), popped-up in East London and even exhibited in Australia. Our creations are quickly reaching as far as the Internet. As a studio, we’ve worked hard to make a name for ourselves and our clients. But as artists, we just want to wake up everyone’s inner child with absurdly memorable tongue-in-cheek experiences. If you’re looking for something extraordinary to cut through the bullshit, say hello to Cool Shit.


2021 SWELL ARTWORK – Damien Hirst looking for sharks, Danger Dave

Damien Hirst looking for sharks is a reference to Hirst’s most impactful work in which he captured and placed a large tiger shark in formaldehyde. This was later sold for $12 million. Considering that the shark was captured on this same coast line, it seemed fun to imagine him, in his pink snorkelling gear, on the hunt for his first million.


Instagram: @coolshit

Website: coolshit.art

Come and see for yourself at SWELL Sculpture Festival, Pacific Parade, Currumbin, and northerlySWELL, Helensvale Library and Cultural Centre Helensvale Plaza, Corner Lindfield Road and, Sir John Overall Dr, Helensvale 1-19 September.