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Leonie Rhodes is an established, acquired and award-winning artist from South London, now working from Meanjin (BNE) on unceeded Jagera and Turrbal land. Leonie studied Fine art Sculpture at Chelsea School of Art London and Figurative sculpture at the New York Studio School, NY.

Primarily a sculptor, Leonie produces fine, street art portraiture in Bronze. Influenced by the figurative and religious history of art, graffiti and underground counter-culture, Leonie also makes paintings, performance pieces, events and public participatory installations.

Practical skills, community, collaboration and care are central to Leonie’s diverse practice.

Leonie DJ’s and produces events as an alter ego, a naughty cat called ‘Boom Boom Bean Selecta’.


2021 SWELL ARTWORK – Boom Boom’s Boom Box – An Interactive Self-Portrait Environment, Leonie Rhodes

DJ Boom Boom Bean Selecta (BBBS) is a feline avatar for artist Leonie Rhodes. This mischievous, misfit, music making cat character loves to help people come together and dance. Boom Boom’s favourite things are basslines, friends, sound systems and the outdoors!. You are invited to play your favourite song through the speakers and to write a message to a person or creature who you love, who might not always fit in, because in the end the coolest cats are the strangest kittens.


Boom Boom’s Boom Box Live Performances

As part of Leonie Rhodes ‘ Sculpture for Swell this year ‘Boom Boom’s Boom Box’ Leonie is programming 4 days of thoughtful and fun Electronic music for us at SWELL Sculpture Festival. Boom Boom Bean Selecta is the feline Dj’ing alter ego of Leonie Rhodes. They enjoy collaborating with all kinds of local Electronic artists. Stay awhile to enjoy deep and reflective sounds from live artists and Dj’s over the weekends as well as Immersive live Performance Art collaborations.


Boom Boom’s Boom Box opening times for music:

Saturday 11th September: 2pm-7pm

Sunday 12th September: 2pm-7pm

Saturday 18th September: 8am- 12pm

Sunday 19th September: 2pm-7pm


Instagram: @leonierhodes

Website: www.leonierhodes.com

Come and see for yourself at SWELL Sculpture Festival, Pacific Parade, Currumbin 10-19 September.