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Barefooted Welder leads a freestyle attitude and brings a renewed cultural storm to the metal art sculpture. The badass character of his striking creatures, welded life-size and sometimes with gigantic dimensions, roar to overwhelm.

The artist, Micky D., creates scrap metal sculptures that endure an adventurous Australian heritage, living in freedom from a very young age, spending most of his time outdoors, experiencing the ocean, and the wildest nature. Rebel by choice, his risk-taking attitude and adrenaline are present in his creations, to the point where fans commonly describe Barefooted Welder as the “badass” of metal art.

Adventure is part of the creative process of the Barefooted Welder, to the point where there is no process. No rules, no boundaries; “It is in the process of breaking the rules where we find new results. Mine is messy, and I own it”. Micky D.

The artist’s youthful personality and rebellious character bring charisma to the sculptures —mostly named after a “SHE”.
“It is my way of expressing the concept of beauty by using metals that once was scrap; to take something hard and heavy, and humanize it. Also, there is a caring aspect of repurposing wasted metals to create something new, and to do it gracefully.”

Barefooted Welder sculptures don’t follow a particular pattern. The soul of the energetic characters is as unique as the trash-treasures, welded into curious elements that entertain and amuse with bravery in the eye of those watching.

The eclectic charming sculptures and their rebellious spirit walk barefoot on the wild side, revealing the lifestyle that comes with feeling the earth under your feet. Each of their cheeky and enthusiastic elements shows us that being ourselves is the best discipline.
Find Barefooted Welder in his shed in North Queensland making the sparks fly, using the endurance of scrap metal to transform it into remarkable beauty.


2021 SWELL ARTWORK – Pacific Salt, Michael Dudley (Barefooted Welder)

Barefooted Welder leads a freestyle attitude and a renewed cultural storm to the metal art sculpture. Pacific Salt is a gigantic statement born out of his passion for building things from the ocean and the beauty of the Australian eastern coastline. The sculpture is made 100% of recycled treasures collected mostly from landfills by the artist himself. With the motto “Keeping Australia Clean”, the striking creatures Clifton, Junior, Teacher, Humpback, Glider and mysterious underwater spirits, come with all their majesty to ask you to be part of the tsunami of change.


Instagram: @barefootedwelder

Website: www.barefootedwelder.com.au

Come and see for yourself at SWELL Sculpture Festival, Pacific Parade, Currumbin 10-19 September.