/ / Artist Bios 2021

A collaboration between two architecture students, who met whilst studying at Bond University. Willem originally hailing from South Africa, has a background in building design, renovations and is currently studying his bachelor in architecture. He has been a practising artist throughout his life and injects that into his design projects both in university and when designing for clients. Philip, originally from the UK, has also studied architecture at Bond University. As well as having a background in fine art, particularly specialising in sculpture and installation work.


2021 SWELL ARTWORK – Safe, Philip Darnton & Willem Scheepers

A calm space, one that we hope offers safety and security amidst all of the chaos. Align with the ocean and keep an eye out on the horizon. Stripped back, this is an elaborate ephemeral construction which captures sea and sky and imports them down below the surface. Whilst playing out as an illusion, yet juxtaposing two very different orientations.


Instagram: @willemilism @phil_darnton

Come and see for yourself at SWELL Sculpture Festival, Pacific Parade, Currumbin 10-19 September.