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About Bruno Candido

Bruno Leonardo Candido is a Brazilian artist born in Sao Paulo, where he graduated in architecture, lived in Rio de Janeiro for 7 years where he started his own women’s fashion business and moved to Sydney in 2018 to start his Diploma in Visual Arts at Sydney Art School and recently moved to the Gold Coast where he was fully inspired by the vast nature and lifestyle.
Bruno was born with the desire to create with his hands, as a kid, he would develop costumes, outfits, and elaborate scenarios for his plays. During his time in art school, he was part of two exhibitions and his thoughtful, full of emotional work and desire to achieve new shapes and forms to express his feelings were noted by the school who encourage him to create this sculpture we are presenting today. As an artist, Bruno is constantly finding inspiration in life, the complexity and yet simplicity of nature’s ways and diving into the history created by previous artists. Everything that comes packed with the object fascinates him. Reinforcing the interior through sculptural objects, forging his art in the shaping of metal and it is variants is challenging and admirable in his view.

2022 SWELL ARTWORK – Man Inner Moon, Bruno Candido

Bruno Candido a multi-artist experiencing art.

Seeing his work born into the world through his hands helps realise that among all tolls, his best are the ones attached to the body and understands the importance of the time in all objects.

He realises that what drives him is his fascination with the differences and dualities. The solution for a creation ruled by intuition, timelessness, and singularity.

“Creating today urges beyond the final product. Looking at excessive waste within our ways of creating” sustainability and consideration are paramount in the process.”

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Website: fendastudio.com

Come and see for yourself at SWELL Sculpture Festival, Pacific Parade, Currumbin 9-18 September.