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About Claudia De Salvo

Claudia De Salvo is a Gold Coast based ceramicist whose practice explores the conceptual, sculptural and functional potential of the medium. Following the completion of her Bachelor of Fine Art at QCA and Masters in Creative Production and Arts Management at QUT, Claudia began working with clay and was immediately drawn into the world of ceramics. Drawing on her background in sculpture and installation art, Claudia has gone on to exhibit work in a number of exhibitions over the years. Notably is the recent inclusion in the inaugural exhibition, Solid Gold, at Home of the Art on the Gold Coast along with a number of outdoor sculptural installations including work for Hidden Sculpture Exhibition (Sydney) and SWELL Sculpture Festival (Gold Coast). In addition, Claudia has also developed bodies of work for galleries including The Third Quarter Gallery and Mas and Mieke Ceramic House Gallery Shop. Claudia has also developed collections that are stocked in several stores including GoMA Store and Artisan Queensland. When Claudia is not creating work in her studio she is often teaching ceramics, both wheel throwing and hand-building at Mas and Miek Ceramic House.

2022 SWELL ARTWORK – Of hope, loneliness, apprehension, and courage?, Claudia De Salvo

Meditating on windows, doors, and letterboxes as gateways that connect the public and private. Our interaction with these facets of domestic life signifies how much people may choose to engage with the outside world on any given day. Throughout the pandemic there was an increased collective consciousness recognising the weight of this choice. However, for many, the decision to step outside and engage with the world has always been one heavy with anxiety and apprehension. There is hope in making it out the door.

Instagram: @claudia_desalvo_makes

Website: www.claudia-makes.com

Come and see for yourself at SWELL Sculpture Festival, Pacific Parade, Currumbin 9-18 September.