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About John + Anthony Forno

John + Anthony Forno is an Gold Coast multidisciplinary artist whose work draws from childhood memories through the vehicles of play, environment, scale and nostalgia. These memories are bridges between past and present driving an ongoing inquiry into the relationship between play and its effects on self-esteem. John references a range of disciplines and ideas including psychology, gestalt theory and 80’s and 90’s popular culture. Whilst not defined by any particular medium, he frequently employs ready-made materials and found objects reminiscent of his youth. Through a process of play and self-discovery he recontextualise materials and theoretical research to form visual motifs, ritual acts and symbols synonymous with childhood and adolescence.

John completed a Bachelors of Digital Media (Fine Art) with Honours at Queensland College of Art. He has exhibited at SWELL Sculpture Festival, Dust Temple Gallery, Gold Coast City Gallery, The Walls Artspace, Jugglers Artspace, The Field Ari and the White Box Gallery. He has been a finalist in SWELL Sculpture Festival and Sculpture on the Edge receiving High Commendations in both art prizes, been awarded the NAVA Ignition Award, Pat Corrigan Award for Academic Excellence, Pat Corrigan Award for Best Portfolio, winner of the Surfers Paradise Mural Festival and recently completed a residency at The Walls Artspace. He has also been the recipient of The City of Gold Coast Council Germinate RADF Grant.

2022 SWELL ARTWORK – The Background World/This Is The Way, John + Anthony Forno

The Background World/This Is The Way (2021-2022), is an exploration of the known and unknown, the adult self and the inquisitive child. As I grow older my inhibitions, anxieties and rigidity all mind centred form an overwhelming resistance to change and the unknown. My inner child, ever playful, inquisitive, courageous and heart centred, often grabs me by the hand unencumbered by the past or future, embraces the present moment and guides me across the threshold of the unknown. Let your inner child be your guiding light.

Instagram: @john_anthony_forno

Website: www.johnanthonyforno.com

Come and see for yourself at SWELL Sculpture Festival, Pacific Parade, Currumbin 9-18 September.