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About Malvika Satelkar

Malvika Satelkar is made in Bombay + Goa, India, Refining in this Country.
She is someone who deeply cares about the environment in which we reside. She takes care of her world by making choices in her life that pours Love into Mother Earth by participating in minimal alternative living processes rather than consuming it in a way that we own it and it’s not done mindfully.
She strongly believes that everything we need in the world already exists in the world, and we as humans have the agency to transform it.

She creates art that comes from the environment and gives the viewer (Human + non Human) the experience. Her Strong connection to the Ocean has always been engraved on her life considering where she grew up in India and the care for Water which reflects in her Projects.

Through her work, she attempts to erase the line between Art and Architecture, Land and Water, Art and Science.
Her Art works across numerous media including Drawing, abstracting natural form and landscapes in watercolors, Cyanotype / Sun-Printmaking, Live images/ Video, painting and currently developing designs for installation with a focus on sculpture made by recycled materials.
As an emerging artist with a solid Architecture background, she brings a lot of diverse skills to her practice. Her affinity for Art was ingrained since her childhood; being an Art- director, Sculptor and Painter, her grandfather has always been her inspiration from the very outset. During her Architecture studies she explored environmental architecture designs that sit within the landscape, she wants to be involved and deliver Architecture projects which are part of the Atmosphere and the community.

She is fascinated by large scale Street Art and Art Installations which have the power to ask questions and create awareness for current Environmental issues. Her grandfat􏰁her􏰂’s continuous encouragement led her to dabble in different mediums of hand drawings, paintings and photography. This multi-dimensional media helped her build a firm foundation for 3- dimensional Art, Visualization and Model making. She has been practicing different Art forms like Paintings, Watercolor, Glass painting, Performing Art like Dance, Drama (at some point) since my early life. Her strength lies in hand drafting/ Drawing, digital illustrations, various printing methods like screen printing. In 2021 year in January, she taught herself how to make a cyanotype / Sun print, and by now she has made about hundred different size Sun prints. She has experimented with are acrylic and Oil during her Masters in Australia.
She is a MENTEE of MENTORSHIP PROGRAM at Newcastle Art Space July 2021-2022 with Mentor: Dr. Louisa Magrics ~ Musician, Installation Artist. She is using her mentorship to Work on Developing designs for installation for Public Spaces with a focus on Sculpture made by Materials which already exist in the World. “So many artworks have made me feel something and have influenced my art practice, my perspective over life or in general.” She says.
She calls her Art practice “Purple Ocean Files”
Art for her is a Way of Living, everything in Life is Art. Having an artwork displayed in public space is that the art has the power to attract your attention, be that 30 seconds, 5 minutes, a place in your camera roll, but it can make you feel something for a while or maybe for a lifetime. That power of an Art and the process of creating is something she chases when she creates something. It also has the power to change perspectives, ask important questions, create solid awareness for the meaningful things of Life.

2022 SWELL ARTWORK – Free Falling, Malvika Satelkar

This Sculpture is imagining the Life under the Sea – Free-falling, flowing like water with water, with winding shapes, free forms, so abstract, and still unknown. I want to spread awareness among viewers about the dangers to the ocean and sea life – both known and unknown to us – that we are causing by careless, meaningless commercial fishing.
How does it feels to be caught on one of those nets when you are trying to move through deep water? Who is going to take care of the Ocean?

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/malvika.s/

Website: https://www.behance.net/MalvikaSatelkar

Come and see for yourself at SWELL Sculpture Festival, Pacific Parade, Currumbin 9-18 September.