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About Anna Bonshek

With a deep respect for the environment, the force of natural elements and the wonder of innate creative imagination, Anna Bonshek makes installations from local, raw materials. She is interested in the connection between nature and human action, and the enduring presence, or fleeting trace, of arranged, designed, and built structures that celebrate existence. Anna’s work pays homage to order in nature, relationships in space and time, and the impulse to create.

Anna is a multi-disciplinary, Gold Coast artist who embraces 3D installation, as well as drawing, painting, video, text and print media. Her work has been described as “ground-breaking, enhancing the spectator’s experience of refined consciousness” (Daniel Meyer-Dinkgrafe). She has exhibited her art locally and internationally, including at SWELL Sculpture Festival, The Centre, BEMAC, Impress Printmakers Studio and Gallery, Redlands Art Gallery and elsewhere throughout Queensland and also in India, Canada, USA, UK, Russia, Australia, Chile, and New Zealand. Anna has written on art and theory (The Big Fish, Mirror of Consciousness) and is contributing editor to the ongoing series Consciousness, Literature and the Arts (Brill, The Netherlands).

2023 SWELL ARTWORK – Jyoti

Having an innocent curiosity for sacred structures, sites, performance, and potentially charged spaces, Anna Bonshek is enraptured by the experience of architecture or land that evokes a deep resonance in place. Inspired by a recent experience, “Jyoti” was conceived to celebrate the dynamic power of emergence. Illumination within our minds and hearts through intimate emotional connection is the thrill of insight. A circle of humanly fashioned, machine-cut local stone, honouring the cardinal directions, mounted by naturally formed boulders signals a play of energy into form.

Come and see for yourself at SWELL Sculpture Festival, Pacific Parade, Currumbin 8th – 17th September