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About Cameron Swell

Swells are often created by storms thousands of nautical miles away…But me? I’m a 1969 love-child created over the ditch in the North Island of New Zealand on a warm November night. My parents went their unhitched ways, both being well-travelled adventurers, painters, talented photographers and very creative in all sorts of strawberry fields… You could say I was designed to design and to be involved in the arts and anything adventurous.

I was a Melbourne-based Garden designer with a passion for plants and reclaimed materials who has always been in and around all forms of art. But for now, I wear a sculptor’s cap with pilot’s wings pinned on it and I’ve just touched down and made the Northern Rivers home.   

As a twinless twin, I have spent my entire life inside my unescorted flight of fancy mind… and I have no intentions of ever packing my bags. In saying that, I also have an artist’s book in my head, with wings ready to fly.

2023 SWELL ARTWORK – Chained Plane (Fracas For Freedom)
Melburnians endured the longest lockdown of any city in the world. 263 days with 6 lockdowns in total. The CDB became a virtual wasteland, an ongoing recovery that continues to this day in oh so many ways. Two emotions were running rife throughout the city, fear and defiance. This artist chose freedom and defiance over fear and began expressing himself through art & free speech. The birds in the trees know something we can’t see; cos they know we were born to be free.


Instagram: @sui_generis.swell

Website: groundswelldesigns.com,au

Come and see for yourself at SWELL Sculpture Festival, Pacific Parade, Currumbin 8th – 17th September.