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About Christopher Diaz .

​Christopher Diaz is the artistic name of an award-winning, multidisciplinary duo-team of artists KRZYSZTOF( CHRISTOPHER ) PEKOWSKI born in Europe and CARLOS DIAZ born in South America, recently based in Australia.

Before they met in Australia, Christopher travelled the world for most of his life, visiting and living in the most remote places, including Antarctica and Arctica.

Both were previously passionate about art and creativity. They changed their professions and started working together on creating art that they loved most. However, in recent years, both were students of a year-long art study and workshops at ”The Michoutouchkine & Pilioko Foundation” in Port Vila, Vanuatu. They have studied pacific art, its traditions, and the Ocean and its beauty. On the shores of the tropical Erakor Lagoon of Vanuatu, renowned artist Mr Aloi Pilioko introduced them to the tropical oceans’ unspeakably colourful life forms and beauty. Mr Pilioko became their mentor and provided workshops on disciplines of art ranging from paintings, tapestry, to large-scale murals and sculpture.

Surrounded by the extraordinary and abundant tropical wildlife of the South Pacific Ocean, they learned about the colours of nature, life forms, its vulnerability, biodiversity and the importance of the role it plays in the islanders’ everyday life. They also learned about the importance of the earth’s ecosystem and its protection. It was there that their love for the Ocean began. Since then, they started to shift from creating exclusively mosaic art towards creating art that contributes to and participates in the process of awareness and protection of the world oceans and, specifically, our Great Barrier Reef in Australia. After they returned to Australia, Christopher then travelled to the Amazon rainforest. While observing the life of the forest, the Amazon River, and the tribes living with an innate connection to nature, he cemented his commitment to promoting the awareness of protecting and understanding the natural environment through what he learned and loved – art.

In search of closer contact with the unspoiled beaches and the sound of the Ocean, they decided to leave Sydney city life. They have moved to the Central Coast, NSW, where they live and work until now. They continuously strive to capture the essence of the world’s beauty in large outdoor sculptural forms and wall art, mosaic art and painting. They use their knowledge of mosaic art and introduce new mediums and technics to attract viewers’ attention and motivate people to reconnect and love more and more the natural beauty of the world in which we live.


Ocean ecosystems are highly biodiverse areas. When they are healthy, they provide a range of services that form the foundation of human well-being.
The artists were inspired for this work by the breathtaking beauty of nature on our Australian continent. The title is “MARMORIS”, meaning “the shining surface of the Ocean” in Latin. The artists hope this has been captured in their artwork. Their motto is: “USING BEAUTIFUL ART TO SUPPORT LIFE IN THE OCEAN.”


Instagram: @christopherdiazart

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Website: christopherdiazart.com

Come and see for yourself at SWELL Sculpture Festival, Pacific Parade, Currumbin 8th – 17th Septem