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About Daniel Clemmett 

Daniel Clemmett has been a practising and exhibiting recycled steel Sculptor for over 25 years. Daniel Clemmett has exhibited in all of Australia’s major outdoor sculpture exhibitions and has a number of large outdoor pieces on exhibition in the UK.
Daniel has won many major prizes and sold many exhibition pieces.

2023 SWELL ARTWORK – Stark

After stopping social media, Daniel started re-reading books that left an impression from his youth. Ben Elton’s ‘Stark’, set in Australia, tells of billionaires as the bad guys and stoners as heroes. It’s a tale of warning about the rich leaving earth behind in a rocket ship when it becomes too polluted to survive. Of course, everyone dies. We’ve had a few billionaires sending rockets into space lately. Clemmett’s artwork inspires the question of what they are really doing about the looming extinction of our species? 

Come and see for yourself at SWELL Sculpture Festival, Pacific Parade, Currumbin 8th – 17th September