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About Neumann Steel

The group of steel workers creating ‘Steelboards’ are a team of skilled artisans who have come together to transform raw materials into works of art. With their expert knowledge of metalworking and their deep appreciation for the beauty of steel, this group is able to create an intricate and stunning sculpture that captures the imagination and inspires awe.

Through their hard work and dedication, they have honed their craft and developed a unique style that is unmistakably their own. Each member of the group brings their own talents and perspectives to the creative process, resulting in a sculpture that is dynamic and multifaceted.

Our sculpture is a testament to the power of art to transcend boundaries and to connect people across different cultures and backgrounds. With this sculpture, this group of steel workers from Neumann Steel pushes the boundaries of what is possible with steel, inspiring others to think creatively and to explore the many possibilities that this remarkable material has to offer.

2023 SWELL ARTWORK – Steelboards

This sculpture reflects the history of Currumbin and the Gold Coast with surf and steel.


Website: neumannsteel.com.au

Come and see for yourself at SWELL Sculpture Festival, Pacific Parade, Currumbin 8th – 17th September