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About Rae Saheli

Rae Saheli can’t recall a time when she wasn’t making art. It has been a part of her life from a very young age. 
In 2020 Rae completed an Advanced Diploma in Visual Arts at TAFE NSW, Murwillumbah Campus, majoring in painting and printmaking.
Her formal training belies Rae’s current art making process. No longer interested in the application of paint to render the world in expressive or colourful ways, Rae’s work is unique in that is made using a 12-gauge shot gun. That’s right, Rae shoots her work! In a process that favours chance, chaos and randomness over any sense of pictorial order.

The results of this intriguing process have been exhibited in many solo and group exhibitions including SWELL Sculpture Festival and Industrial SWELL, AIRspace, Metro Arts 2020; (The Feel), Tweed Regional Art Gallery; (Gauge) and Northern Rivers Community Gallery; (12 Gauge). In early 2020 Rae was an inaugural participant in Retreat – a Walls Art Space emerging artist intensive. 

Rae will showcase bolder pieces that will showcase her distinctive and dynamic technique within her sculptural practice and allow for significantly more shooting to take place.

2023 SWELL ARTWORK – Continuous 

Continuous is a series of large-scale aluminium spheres using the artist’s distinctive art making technique. Rae’s work is unique in that her process favours chance, randomness and curiously explores the intersection of aluminium and shot pellet, as the small protrusions warp the aluminium creating dynamic, beautiful textures and patterns. 
Rae has chosen to present each sphere in a way that amplifies their textured and reflective qualities within the landscape.


Instagram: @rae_saheli_artist

Facebook: Rae Saheli

Come and see for yourself at SWELL Sculpture Festival, Pacific Parade, Currumbin 8th – 17th September