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About Sean Williams 

Sean Williams is a sculptor who works primarily in metal. Utilising his boilermaker and CAD design qualifications he has worked in the public art and architecture industries on local and international projects. His personal arts practice has seen his works exhibited in Queensland and New South Wales.

Since winning the emerging artist award at SWELL in 2017 he has gone on to receive grants for professional development from Arts Queensland and the Regional Art Development Fund through Ipswich City Council.

In 2022 Sean graduated with a Master of Visual Arts from Griffith University. His current practice explores the notion of objects as carriers of memory, and how these can be used to create narratives around collective cultural memory in Australia.

2023 SWELL ARTWORK – Slough

Slough references the ongoing habitat destruction affecting native fauna. Initially driven by colonial government sanctioned land clearing for agriculture, the problem is escalating today as a consequence of urbanisation.

An estimated 100 plant and animal species have been made extinct in Australia since European settlement. A recent report identified the 20 reptiles most likely to be extinct by the year 2040, and 11 of these species reside in Queensland.

However, the snake also symbolises rejuvenation, rebirth, and transformation. Perhaps then this work could symbolise hope and the potential for change.


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Come and see for yourself at SWELL Sculpture Festival, Pacific Parade, Currumbin 8th – 17th September