2023 ARTIST BIOS | Vaclav Horacek & Ben Wilkinson

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About Vaclav Horacek & Ben Wilkinson 

Vaclav and Ben are two work friends from the Gold Coast with a love for art, wanting to test their fabrication and welding skills by creating a one-off piece of art consisting of used knives, forks and spoons. Their plan is to create a large wedge-tailed eagle swooping down and picking up a large python snake.

2023 SWELL ARTWORK – Fork’n Australian Animals

With a love of all things Australian, the boys Vaclav and Ben have created an Australian wedge-tailed eagle and an Australian carpet python from stainless steel cutlery with each piece of cutlery overlapping the next to create a one off masterpiece. The bases of the body is contracted from stainless steel rod with the heads carved from a solid block of aluminium.

Instagram: @signature_cnc_cutting

Facebook: signature_cnc_cutting

Come and see for yourself at SWELL Sculpture Festival, Pacific Parade, Currumbin 8th – 17th September