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We Asked Charlie Trivers 12 Interesting Questions About Himself.

What was the inspiration behind your piece for SWELL Sculpture Festival 2023?

Natural forms found in sandstone along the east coast. I also like how waves collide with rocks at points along the ocean. 

What was your first artwork? How did it inspire you to grow?

A drawing of a horse that I entered into the Newcastle show art competition when I was ten. I won my age group and have been drawing ever since. 

What was your favourite moment of 2023 so far?

My birthday 

If you were stranded on a desert island, but food, water and shelter weren’t an issue, what are the 3 things you would take with you and why?

A guitar, a home brew kit and someone who likes music and beer.

What is your favourite meal to cook when trying to impress someone?

Wood fired pizza 

SWELL is all about connecting people, art and place, how does your work help connect people, art and place?

My art reflects a lifelong obsession with the ocean. People who appreciate my sculpture get that.

Who is an artist that inspires you to create?

Frank Zappa

Do you have a favourite song you like to play when working on your art?

An Arctic Monkeys album through my noise cancelling ear muffs is pretty good

If you could choose any, what superpower would you want?

I wish I could sing

Where were you born, where are you living now, and how does where you live affect your art?

I was born in Glasgow Scotland. I live in Wamberal across the street from the ocean on the NSW central coast.

Do you have a party trick or impressive icebreaker talent?

Trying to sing

If animals could talk, which one would you want to talk to?

Cows are cool.