7×8 | 2020 | Series 3 | Greg Quinton

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Greg Quinton NSW – Uneven Playing Field.

What’s your favourite aspect of being an artist?

Art is one of the few pursuits that allows you to use your head, heart and hands at the same time. Often one will surprise the others.

Do you have a favourite material you like to work with?

I like recycled materials for several reasons. It is more environmentally friendly, leads you in directions you would not otherwise have gone, is generally free and can be sourced just about anywhere.

Would you rather share an Uber with Barbara Hepworth or Cornelia Parker or Antony Gormley?

Tough choice. Probably Gormley, he could certainly afford to pay for it.

If you could meet any artist (from the past or present) who would it be?

I love the work of Claire Healy and Sean Cordeiro. Their use of unusual materials and methods of delivery are unique – from Leggo to an entire building turned on its’ side. What’s not to love.
I once sat next to Claire on a ferry to Cockatoo Island and didn’t say hello, something I regret, so I would like the chance again.

What are you most excited for about SWELL?

SWELL is such a fabulous opportunity to show your ideas to thousands of people. I really enjoy the feedback from the patrons.
Art-making can be a fairly solitary pursuit, so  it’s also a great chance to meet other artists and feel part of a community.

Are you most productive on a beautiful sunny day or rainy gloomy day?

I’ve never really thought about it. I think it’s more a case of whether I’m feeling sunny or gloomy in my head.

What tool could you not live without?

I really do love all my tools, they all have their role to play. It would be like trying to choose my favourite child.

What did you love the most about creating your artworks?

The freedom to do anything I want to do.

Is there a theme or trend in the messaging of your artworks?

Like a lot of artists I’m drawn to the human condition, after all I am suffering from it.

How many SWELL Sculpture Festivals have you been too?

This is my seventh time as an exhibitor, but I’ve been attending pretty much since it’s inception.

What drew you to applying for SWELL?

I had an idea that I thought would be suitable for the location so I gave it a crack and was absolutely thrilled to be accepted.

Was the location of SWELL a contributing factor towards the inspiration of your piece?

Totally. When confronted with such a vast and spectacular setting I am forced to think on a scale far greater than my usual practice.

Shelby Nelson is confident but still growing as a university student. Studying Public Relations and Business she has found a strong passion for all things events, especially when it comes to the arts industry. Growing up on the Gold Coast she lives and breathes the beachside lifestyle and aims to help showcase people with amazing talents, giving the community not only a chance to appreciate them but have an amazing experience whilst doing so.

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