7×12 | 2022 | SERIES 2 | JULIE MILTON

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What was the inspiration behind your piece for SWELL Sculpture Festival 2022?

To raise awareness of magpie geese, the population of these birds has dramatically reduced along the east coast due to habitat loss. I also wanted to create a fun and engaging installation.

What does exhibiting in the 20th year of SWELL Sculpture Festival mean to you?

I’m very excited to be a part of the twentieth-year celebration.  

Do you have a party trick or impressive icebreaker talent?

I have many!

Does music impact your art? What kind of music do you create to?


What is your favourite snack when working on big projects?

I rarely eat when I’m working.

What is the most important lesson you’ve ever learnt from a mentor?

Less is more!

Is there a running theme with what you create?

Yes, I’m particularly interested in Australian flora and fauna and am concerned about the dramatic effects climate change has on various species.   Hence my work usually reflects that!

If you could immediately learn any skill, which would you choose?


Does pop culture and modern media impact your work?

Not directly, however, we do not live in a vacuum and so I believe some popular cultural influences seep into my practice.

Do you have a favourite quote or mantra that you live by?

Not really!

Which work of art that you have experienced has been the most influential to your practice?

Not an individual piece per se. However, some artists have influenced my practice, i.e. contributed to the formation of an idea; even if subliminal.

Now that travel is becoming an option again, where is your next adventure destination?

Perhaps Japan.

The Author

Joss Smith is an emerging graphic designer based in Tweed Heads, loving everything visual and immersive. Her passion for the creative arts has led her to study a Bachelor of Visual Communication and Graphics. She hopes to balance her love for the arts, culture and nature with her strengths in communication and management to create wicked designs with wicked people. 

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